Saturday, March 19, 2011

8 days after the tsunami in the Metropolis

This is a reply mail from a friend, or English tanka tutor for me, who is outside of Japan.

Please note that this quoted email dose NOT describe East Japan NOW. Circumstances change by hour.

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:49 PM
Subject: Re: tsunami

Thank you for your consideration. I'm sorry for too late reply, it is not because I had been in any trouble but tired a little and did not open the mailer.

My house is located at the south end of the disaster area, and, thank god, it is a little away from the sea and we were free from Tsunami.
It shook quite a little, but my family, my relatives, almost all of my friends are safe. And I also.
My house have got almost no damage.
I have a part-time job, and today I could come to work with no problem.
The office is fine, but some of clients are not.

One and the best friend of mine who live in Miyagi Prefecture lost her house.
It took 2 days to confirm that she is alive. I still don't know HOW she lives.
She is a person of hospitality, and walked along the ground cleaning dead peoples' faces, she mentioned in the only one mail sent to me.
The other friend's house is fine but he can't use electricity, any gas and fuel including gasoline, and running water.

This time cellphones are almost no use, it is not only because of connection overflow but also antenna and relay station is destroyed.

I thank and have much hope for the U.S. navy and IAEA.
5 days have passed since the big Tsunami. Buried people are about to the limit to survive.
Yesterday evening it snowed. Every night the temperature becomes under 32K at the worst area.

They and The Self Defense force of Japan are now making a road through the waste land.
And, some of the people who had spent nights in schools' hall, city halls' corridor, et al. walk back the place where their house was.

I wish to go to Miyagi with a car-full of blankets and portable ranges, but we can't, because all the roads are for those who have special mission.

BTW the accident of Fukushima nuclear plant #1 is going to be much more severe than that of Three Mile Island. now it is in progress and I cant foresee how bad it become when it ends. My husband is planning to let our daughter flee out to my mother's home, which is in Fukui Prefecture, faced Japan Sea. Radioactive powder won't go over the highest mountains in Japan.

Well, so long for now. Now we are not faced any fatal disaster YET.